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Different types of bean bag chairs: sizes shapes and filling

Bean bag chairs are an attractive, fun, and low-priced type of furniture. They are a great option for something comfortable and simple. Even though the most intricate bean bag chairs types are very less expensive than any simple sofa. It is a large fabric bag which is filled with soft beads. Even bean bag chairs supplier also enjoys in supplying varieties of bean bag chairs. They are colorful, comfortable, soft, and are available in various types. There are many sizes of bean bag chairs for kids and adults.

Different types of bean bags:

Different bean bag sizes:

  • Kids sizes:

Small bean bags are ideal for kids, mainly who are tall up to 4’6”. The circumference of the bean bag is between 110 to 120 inches.

  • Teen bean bag:

There large bean bag chairs for the young adults who are up to 5’2”. The range of the circumference of the bean bag is between 130-140 inches.

  • Adult bean bags:

The large size bean bag chairs are designed for adults who are up to 6 feet in height. These bean bags circumference size is between 140 and 150 inches. This chair is great and comfortable for full-grown people.

  • Massive bean bags:

If you are looking for awesome hug bean chairs, you can opt for massive bean bag chairs. The size is more than 180 inches in circumference, these special chairs are designed for tall people and multiple users.

Different bean bags shapes:

  • Round:

the most common type of bean bag chair is round in shape. The material of the bean chair is a big round bag that is shaped just like a ball. It has sufficient space within to mold itself depending on the shape of the person using it.

  • Square:

You can also have more defined shaped bean bag chairs. The square-shaped bean bags have shaped cushions and also armrests attached. These chairs offer a more traditional experience of sitting.

  • Gaming:

Most gamers enjoy playing when they have comfort sitting. Gaming bean bags come in numerous types, but include a defined seating place and also built-in speakers to transmit sound from the television to the person on the chair directly. As gaming is all about immersion, having comfortable sitting, and full-sound all around. This can amplify your gaming experience.

  • Novelty chair:

You can also find bean bag chairs for your kids that come in all kinds of fun designs and shapes. There are bean bag chairs shaped like animals, vegetables, sports equipment, and emoji.

Different bean bag fillings:

The final characteristic that defines a bean bag chair type is its filling. There are various options of bean bag fillings which affect the rigidness and comfort.

  • Shredded foam:

Some of the bean bag chairs are filled with shredded foams, contain polyurethane foam. They are specially used for cushions.

  • Polystyrene beads:

Polystyrene beads are small beads that moved or shifted easily within the bean bag confines. These beads allow you to fold into a chair and also envelop. These bean bags are very comfortable.

  • Expanded polypropylene:

These beads are extremely powerful. They simply return to their original shape and size even if you crush them. it means expanded polypropylene filled bean bag chairs are very durable.

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