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Bean Bag Chair: Are Toxic And Not Safe For Human Health?

Bean bag chairs are trendy nowadays because of their numerous benefits, but now people question their material. Whether wholesale bean bag chairs are safe or not? Are they toxic ad dangerous for health? These safety issues are being stated regarding the bean bag chair.

Some experts have found out that some of the chairs are not safe, but some still believe they are. So, let’s find out through this article how much bean bag chair is secure and if it is not safe then what are the significant consequences of these chairs.

Are our bean bag chairs safe?

Buying a bean bag chair from a good reputable company is much safer than the cheap one. Some of the people who purchase bean bag chairs show some cancer-causing and toxic symptoms. However, they can take safety measures. Bean bag chairs with vinyl covers and filling are very cheap, but Vinyl is not suitable for health.

There is a particular smell of this bag, have you ever noticed? Why does your bean bag smell? Most people feel a distinct odor from the bean bag form due to different chemical combinations in memory foam products. The most evident and toxic chemical that causes that smell is acetone, a poisonous chemical, and inhale in large volumes.

Why is Vinyl considered to be toxic?

Wholesale Bean bag chairs are particularly toxic. Not all bean bags are poisonous and have these toxic properties. However, the ones with Vinyl are not safe and are toxic. Researchers have found that they have risk and cancer-causing agents as the Vinyl continues to off-gas, which is highly harmful to humans and cause lung cancer, brain cancer, and liver cancer.

Moreover, it contains diisononyl phthalate (DINP) and chemical plasticizer, which are contagious to health. Also, filling these bags is with the memory form, which also has toxic nature and has an off kind of odor harmful to humans. Other than this, methylbenzene and acetone are used in bean bag chairs now, which are hazardous to your life.

What do you think about bean bag chairs, is there a better way to produce safe material?

Vinyl Bean Bags Attributed to Cancer

Vinyl chloride present in these chairs gives rise to several health issues such as:

  • brain cancer
  • lung cancer
  • lymphoma
  • leukemia
  • liver cancer

The risk of causing a different kind of cancer is low among people because of vinyl chloride off-gassing. However, the vinyl fabric possesses more potential and harmful health issues. The bean bag manufacturer usually mixes the Vinyl as a fabric to enhance its elasticity and flexibility, which is involved by combining with a chemical plasticizer called diisononyl phthalate (DINP). Moreover, the memory form includes different health issues because of these toxic chemicals.

  • Acetone, which is toxic and inhales in large amounts.
  • Dimethylformamide, which may cause organ damage.
  • Methyl Benzene, which may damage the central nervous system.
  • Vinylidene chloride can irritate the respiratory system and is an assumed carcinogen.
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